Why is The Weeknd so rich?

Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, known as “The Weeknd,” was a Canadian rhythm-and-blues singer and songwriter best known for his seemingly autobiographical and explicit lyrics about drugs, as well as his distinctive falsetto. Music was released anonymously online when he got his start.

 His songs were posted anonymously on YouTube in 2010. In 2012, he began posting his music under the name “The Weeknd,” a name that would lead to his fame. In honor of his best friend and now creative director La Mar Taylor, he chose his current stage name due to the time he and Taylor dropped out of high school at seventeen, took their mattress, and went on vacation.

The Weeknd Collab with Vlone

Vlone and The Weeknd created a beautiful merchandise item for After Hours, The Weeknd’s upcoming album to be released in 2020. There has been a noticeable rise in Weekend MERCH over the past few weeks. From now on, the brand’s fashion will flow towards collaboration with street-wear brand VLONE. Popular stories include “WHAT HAPPENS AFTER HOURS STAYS AFTER HOURS”. This association offers The Weeknd hoodie and graphic tees as part of its collection. The apparel is available in black, red, and white.

What are the features of Vlone x the Weeknd?

Using something as familiar as everyday clothing as a medium, this album is inspired by the artist’s recent album “After hours.” Various t-shirts and hoodies are available as part of the collaboration. You can add it to your everyday wear because of its prints of the album’s name and its unconventional and Gothic artwork design.

The Weeknd Post No Bills Fleece Pullover Hoodie – Black

You’ll be comfortable in your daily rotation with our men’s hoodies. We sell plain and printed hoodies. Make a style statement with a patterned hoodie or a classic black hoodie. The Weeknd Post No Bills Fleece Pullover Hoodie – Black features are XO is printed at the front, and the back is painted. Dress down and dress warmly with these cool and casual picks. The hoodie can be purchased at Vlone Official.

The Weeknd x Warren Lotas XO Super Bowl LV Hoodie –Black

There are nine pieces in this offering, including six from The Weeknd’s clothing line, XO, updated with a Lotas’luxe touch. Lotas’ iconic skeletons appear throughout the capsule alongside XO branding, both paired with oversized “XO” logos and lyrics from The Weeknd’s songs. On the back of a bomber jacket with barbed wire sleeves, the “XO” logo is transformed into Death’s sickle.

Vlone x The Weeknd After Hours Clown Hoodie

The Weeknd x Vlone Clown hoodie in black features a large graphic of a clown on the front. There is dripping blood and saliva on the clown’s teeth on the front of the hoodie, as well as fire as hair. The name of The Weeknd’s 2020 album, After Hours, is spelled out in a dripping red font above the clown. Introducing the spooky The Weeknd-Vlone Hoodie released on March 20, 2020. Vlone x The Weeknd After Hours Clown Hoodie comes in every color. Also available at Vlone Official store are T-Shirts, Jackets, Shoes, and Scarves.

The Weeknd x Vlone After Hours Blood Drip Hoodie

The Weeknd x Vlone After Hours Blood Drip Hoodie Sweat wear for youth and fans in white color with VLONE poster at the front and big V on the back Printed. Our hoodies are made from a mix of cotton and poly fleece with a view to holding you warm and secure. Their hood sizes are adjustable, and the cuffs are banded, which makes those hoodies a super preference for winters. 

Features of Hoodie

Zip-up hoodies

Zip-up hoodies are popular with men who do not want their hairstyle to be spoiled or who love versatile clothing. A zip-up hoodie can also be worn over t-shirts or a long-sleeve shirt. Even without a t-shirt, you will be warm. These hoodies are generally made from quality materials that can last for many years; however, the zipper may wear out after repeated washings or drying.

Hoodies Pullovers

For men who prefer not to wear zippers, pullover hoodies are the perfect solution. Men who don’t care for zip-up style are more likely to prefer pullover hoodies. There is no need to wear an undergarment since it eliminates the possibility of itching zippers. The only downside is styling hair after dressing in The Weeknd hoodie.

Why should you choose Vlone products?The products themselves feature one of the most acclaimed designers and transcendent prints and are available in different colors and sizes. Providing one of the best customer service and feedback, this brand is your best option. In order to keep the momentum & flow of fabric intact, all departments of manufacturing must exceed the authentic quality standards. Every thread of fabric in our hoodies approaches the best durability & strength due to the combination of cotton & polyester.





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