Layered Necklace – Your Grand Entrance to the Party!

Many of you may have seen the rise of layered necklaces and it has taken over our social media feeds. Indeed, ladies have been going gaga over this new trend, and we often see a lot of them adorning themselves with layers of beautiful, dainty necklaces to match their everyday look.

Now this might seem like the kind of trend that will pass away some time, but you might want to take this accessory technique in a whole new level – that is, to master this skill in styling that you can utilise anytime you like or when your outfit might just call for it, especially when you want to look great for a party.

With layered necklaces Australia is taken by storm. It is easy to mix and match just any kind of outfit with this accessory.

The important thing is for you to learn and master the technique of choosing the right style and length.  And because the choices you have on styles, designs, colours and lengths of necklaces are endless, it will come in handy to know a few tips in layering your necklaces the right way. 


A chic minimalist look is a combination of very simple and delicate designs.  It looks relaxed yet very sleek. You may start off with a thin tiny choker and add some texture by finishing with longer necklaces with stones or charms.  And since we are into layering, make sure that their lengths are not equal.  Two layers look great, but three layers are a bit more pretty.


You may opt to wear a heavy chain if you like and layer it with a thinner one. Don’t limit yourself when choosing chains; you may want to play with bead, rope, cable, snake, tiffany chains, and such.  Now pile them up with a thinner lengthier chain.  Inserting a small pendant will also do the trick.  This looks very bold and sophisticated and works well with off-shoulder or V-neck blouses.


You can stack up your dainty necklaces with your chunky ones, and this will add texture and volume to your overall look.  You will discover how flexible your necklaces can be when you start playing with them.  You may also add some charms or pendants that speak of your personality or belief.  You can layer 3 or 4 necklaces at once, and it’s going to look amazing on you!


We all have our own standard or casual outfits, but give it a little boost and stand out by wearing some layered necklaces. It will magically turn your plain old clothes into chic and sassy ones.

If you’re bored of your office uniforms, add some flair and sophistication using this styling technique.  You may want to start off with a simple, feng shui bracelet delicate choker with a small charm then layer it with a chunkier one.  Stone pendants also add beauty and character into your overall look.


It doesn’t matter if you’re all bundled up for the cold season: layered necklaces can still add a dose of creativity and style!  Wearing them over knitted blouses, cardigans, or even turtle-neck dresses and shirts look very ravishing.

Have you noticed how celebrities style their outfits with layered necklaces?  Well, it is a great idea to catch everyone’s attention using this styling technique. Show up at parties and look your best! It makes your entire ensemble look like it has been put together with a lot of time and attention, when actually, layering necklaces is a very simple and easy thing to do.





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