Chintan k Patel Gives A Perfect Answer To His Rivals On The Field

As you walk the path of life, you will realise that it is not possible to please everyone you meet on your way. There will be people who dislike you. No one is perfect and you might show your imperfections to someone who will judge you for them. The issue with talking with a number of people is that they will never understand the struggle through which you have passed in order to come such a long way in your life. Chintan k Patel has been a self made young man in his lifetime. He has collected his laurels with pride and he has definitely worked very hard for them. It is not possible to judge his journey without getting knee deep into his struggle. Here is an example of this thought which he has posted on his social media handle. 

The Image Going Perfectly With The Caption

Chintan k Patel had shared an image on his Instagram handle which showed his perfect physique as well. The image has been taken from a lower angle which makes him look taller than usual. The attire taken up by Chintan k Patel matches with his outlook completely. He has put on an ocean themed tank top. The dark and light blue colour of the tank top seems to complement his view! The young man has also sported black shorts and he looks perfectly comfortable in it. In his right arm, he holds the skateboard which is also resting at the end of his feet. This makes the image even more surreal with his athletic prowess. Chintan k Patel does look like a very athletic young man in this image. 

The caption which goes with the image is perfect as well. He has asked whether people love him or not. If the answer is yes, he has called the emotion to be great. At the same time, he has also asked if someone hated him. The answer to this is the same as before. However, he has asked people not to blame or judge him for something they have not experienced but he has. Chintan k Patel has made it very clear that he will accept hatred from his enemies as well but not judgement from any of the people who have never seen his struggle through life. 

Judgmental People Must Be Avoided

Judging someone is very easy. You need not know someone’s struggle to judge them. It comes easily as human beings are filled with spite in some cases. You cannot ever hope to please everyone who is around you. In this case, you have to believe in yourself and your journey as well. Even if the people judge you, you should not pay attention to these thoughts. Chintan k Patel has used profanity in the image but it is believed that this is a result of his youth and righteous anger against people who decide the worst against him. 

Be Fixed On Your Goals

You must never let the opinions of others sway you in your journey. You have to keep your goal fixed and avoid everyone who tries to bring an obstacle in your journey. Chintan k Patel has reached the pinnacle of success through this measure. He also expects the same from his followers as well!

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