Best stylish Thai Bag brands to have this 2023

When people find out that the brand is from their hometown, their happiness usually grows. This is the classic example of “repping the hometown.”

There is no doubt that the ladies bag and accessory industry has a lot of brands and designers, but we are firm believers that it is important to support local businesses whenever possible.

You’ll be glad to hear that Thailand has a lot of creative designers and businesses with a mission. The goal of these businesses is the same: to get stylish, high-quality handbags into the hands of Thai people. Just a few of these should always be on your mind. 

Mini Bucket Bag with Leather Handles

Underline makes a wide range of bags for both men and women that fit with the casual style that is popular in Thailand.

 There are larger messenger bags, mini crossbody bags (with a depth of 1.5 inches), bucket bags with leather handles instead of unruly drawstrings, and larger bucket bags with Underline’s signature shape but without too many folds. 

There are also bucket bags that don’t have drawstrings but instead have leather handles.

Navy 2-Way Tote

The Ducky gets ideas for its bag designs from the many different cultures and ways of life around the world. So, you can always count on the young Thai business to have new collections.

Customers who want to throw their things over their shoulders and go tend to like products with strong seams and a lot of space.

Milly Crossbody Bag

Customers have liked White Oak Factory bags for a long time. They are known for their trendy and eye-catching color combinations, silky texture, and light weight, as well as their fashionable designs and constructions, which keep the bag from sagging when it is put on a table.

This well-known Thai bag maker has just added water-resistant camera bags to their classic lines of PU leather bags.

Pandora Genuine Leather and Suede Bag

The Thai designer label Thesis Crisis also has its roots in fashion education. While working on their thesis, the designers had a hard time. 

It was during this time that they realized that being creative means giving everything you have to get to the next level.

So, the sophisticated women’s bag made of fine leather and suede has the ferret logo on them: A ferret will fight to the death with an enemy to save the life of a family member.

 Like designers, ferrets will do anything to be with the person they love, even if it means giving up their lives.

Red Backpack

The noise began when the designer, who was studying textiles at the time, began manufacturing bags for her, her friends, and later other students, along with a great many other people.

The styles are particularly well-suited for Thai clothing that is understated and well-groomed. This cute backpack has two huge pockets on the exterior, which contribute to the bag’s overall appearance of being slim and not bulky.

The Signature Tote may be carried in two different ways: it can be slung over one shoulder to display the smartly crafted and attractive shape, or it can be worn crossbody for a practical campus style.

Triangle Backpack

Numgunde is an eccentric Thai firm that creates bags in triangle and circular designs, as well as interesting colors and prints that clash with each other, and also includes details that take care of your technological requirements.

The Triangle Backpack will become the focal point of your ensemble, and it will allow you to blend in seamlessly with the vibrant boutiques found all across Thailand.

Harbor Gray 3-Way Tote Backpack

These Vavia bags are a great treat for the eyes because both the names of the colors and the colors themselves are so adorable and lovely. As homage to the Pantone color Harbor Gray, this twilled nylon 3-way tote backpack has been designed.

Girls who enjoy being active will find that popular wallet types such as the “Gold” pocket book wallet and the “Sakura Dolly” zip-around long wallet make for accessories that are not only feminine but also flexible.

Cool Closures 

Statement-making locks and fasteners have always been a style option, but Becker argues that—especially in the revival of handbag practicality—it’s simply good to have a bag that remains shut.

Between going back to work and increasing the amount of time spent traveling, the requirement for a handbag with a full-closure is more important than ever, and brands are deftly presenting a functional detail in an elegant way. 

Even when the look is just for aesthetics, a lock, toggle or carabiner closing is worth finding out.

Hobo Revival

Even while mini bags are still a choice for going out at night (we’ll talk more about that in a bit), the time has come to bring back large bags.

In 2022, the Y2K aesthetic reignited interest in styles that were prevalent in the preceding decade, such as the hobo bag. As we get farther into the year 2023, the style is being evolved into variants that are sexier and more sophisticated.

The larger the bag, the more of a fashion statement it makes, and, of course, the more things you can carry around without feeling guilty about it. 

This croc-effect embossed detailing and Givenchy’s distinctive big 4G padlocks are featured on the smooth calfskin leather shoulder bag that fits everything and more from Givenchy.

Bowler Bags 

Even while hobo bags are satisfying our demand for extreme slouch, they are not the only silhouette that has been restored from the early 2000s that is all about shape.

Because of the rising popularity of structured looks, the bowler bag is overdue for a comeback in the fashion world.

Even while the current iterations might not be able to accommodate actual bowling balls, they nonetheless serve as the ideal combination of contemporary design and historical inspiration in terms of aesthetics.


Dash makes stylish, well-made bags that can be bought in full-grain leather. They are perfect for regular use.

Both the B5,650 brown tote bag with a three-step adjustable strap and the B4,550 black crossbody bag with a retractable strap that can be turned into a handle get extra points for having a metal loop on the inside that can be used to hook keyrings and lanyards.

Char Bag

Shoulder bags made of genuine leather and with an urban stylish design are offered by Char Bag. We recommend the slouchy Submarine bag in olive green and white, which comes with a chain and a purse strap that can be removed. This bag has a cool off-duty vibe (B3, 990).

The Kangaroo in black (B3, 561) is a wonderful choice for an addition to your bag collection because it is a bucket bag that will look excellent with both your conventional workwear and your trendy off-duty outfit.


Leather bucket bags that are simple and adaptable, designed for use on a daily basis; these bags can accommodate all of your requirements for the day, from a notebook and an iPad to a lengthy wallet and enormous sunglasses.

They also provide a broad selection of crossbody bags and wristlets, which are better suited for a night out with the girls.

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