7 Ways To Wear Jeans Every Day Without Losing Style

We love jeans! And they look so good on women that even celebrities have them in their favorite outfits. Both you and they combine them with all kinds of footwear such as heels, tennis shoes, boots and sandals.

Far from believing that you can’t put together looks in the best supermodel style, denim is worn not only in jeans but also in dresses, blouses and jackets. It is essential that you have a pair of jeans in your wardrobe because of its versatility, and if you combine it with the right clothes you can wear it to the office, to a romantic date or even to an informal meeting.

Since you can remember, it is impossible for you to live without them and you are willing to have an endless number of options in your closet, among which stand out: skinny, boyfriend and even bell-bottoms, you can get on trendy fashion. They are great!

The way you combine them can make you look like a simple liberated girl or better yet, like a supermodel. It all depends on your taste and the mood you have! To look like a catwalk girl you need to combine your jeans in these ways:

  1. In the best sports style: Combine your classic blue jeans with sports shoes, an imposing blouse and a striking seasonal bag, as it is a basic rule and in trend
  2. Relax: On the catwalks the models may wear merely artistic clothes, but when they go out on the street they are more inclined towards the simple and “normal”. The straight cuts with a sport style, but at the same time informal, are the ones that succeed and even more so if combined with the Converse that are synonymous with youth. If the jeans are ripped, the better.
  3. Coat + heels: Gigi Hadid is one of the models who love jeans. On her Instagram account, in addition to modeling ball gowns and swimwear, it is normal to see photos of her in denim outfits. Regardless of whether they are ripped or not, the beautiful girl dons a blouse, a loose coat, and her heels, as she proves that ripped jeans also look elegant on any woman.
  4. Flare: They were a complete craze in the ’70s, and they’re hot again today. Being a comfortable garment that narrows at the hips and thighs, while it widens from the knees to the feet. If you want to lengthen the silhouette, this type of jeans hides wide hips, which already offers a balance to the composition, but if you want to highlight your curves, it is best to wear shirts tucked into your pants.
  5. Boyfriend: Add fun accessories to your “masculine” look such as judy blue shorts. It is one of the looks that monopolize the streets. You can wear them with a crop top and flower bag in the best style of Belinda, who despite not being a supermodel is a perfect reference to follow in terms of fashion.
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Skinny: With brown velvet ankle boots they look great.





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