Knowing how to remove makeup from your face correctly is super important, especially for those looking for a much prettier, healthier and acne-free look. The good news is that you don’t need a lot of free time for this, those ten minutes before bed are enough.

Many people think that only make-up remover is used to remove makeup. In this post, we explain that, in fact, there are other steps that can compose this cleaning. See the information we separate for you to learn how to take care of yourself safely.

1) Melt make-up with a facial oil

After all, how to remove makeup from your face? The first step is to apply a product that softens the mascara. With it, it is possible to remove excess and avoid the use of stronger lotions that harm the well-being of the skin.

“Heavier and waterproof makeup may require an oil-based makeup remover such as a cleansing oil or cleansing balm to remove the oil-soluble residue first,” explains Dr. Luiz Romancini, specialist in dermatology.

You can count on oils for facial cleansing that, in addition to being indicated for all skins, including oily and sensitive ones, are formulated with natural ingredients. In the application, make a gentle massage for all previous production to gradually dissolve.

If you want to avoid the hassle of removing makeup from your face, don’t skip this step. After applying the product, wash the area well to remove excess and proceed to the next step.

2) Wash your face with a suitable soap

Washing the region is on our list of how to remove makeup from your face. Essential in daily care, using make-up or not, this step has the function of removing impurities that remain on our face throughout the day, such as free radicals, pollution and cosmetic residue.

For this, it is recommended to have a soap that meets your needs and a facial scrubber. If you have problems with excess oiliness, for example, invest in versions that ease pore dilation, excessive shine and acne. If the skin is dry, moisturizing options are more suitable.

Believe it or not, even after these first two steps, the region may still have some make-up remnants, especially if the products used are waterproof. Because of this, sometimes you need to add an extra step to your cleaning routine.

3) Use micellar water to remove make-up completely

Use is not mandatory, but micellar water is a gentle product that removes the rest of impurities, promoting deep cleaning, but without drying out. It also has soothing moisturizing properties, being perfect for when the skin is irritated, either after shaving or after an aesthetic procedure.

4) Finish cleaning with hydration

After learning how to remove makeup, it’s important to know that care doesn’t stop there. Essential in the daily treatment routine, hydration helps regulate oil production while restoring the skin’s lipid barrier. It gains even more importance after using cleaning products.

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