Want to look attractive for your first day at school!!!

We all want to look attractive on our special day and the first day of school is one of them. In this covid situation almost one year all schools and colleges are closed. But now the government announced the opening of all schools and colleges. So all the students are very excited to go for their own educational sector. Most of the school has their own school uniform so those students can’t dress up they like. But those students have not any proper school uniform they can dress up as much as they like. So all the students are planning their outfit in which they look attractive. last year, there was a little bit of a difference, all students were in their house and continuing to study at zoom or Google meet. Now here is a chance to present you attracted. You can wear slip dresses with any kind of jacket, jeans and t-shirt with casual shoes, or bike shorts with classy tank tops. And of course wear your mask.

Here is some list of fashionable and cute clothing styles for high school students:

Want to look cool!!

If you like cool girls and want to look cool then wear a trouser or track pant and graphic t-shirts with sneakers for a classy look which is perfect for the first day of school. And it’s a great chance to look bold and move on the platform and become tiktok’s favourite trend for your first day.

Layered florals

Most of the girls like floral print dresses. So if you look casual as well as bold you should wear a floral print dress with a cold shoulder with casual shoes. To look more attractive you may wear a bracelet and a necklace with earrings. Also can wear sunglasses to look classier.

Chill tie dye

It’s a casual type dress up. For this you can wear a multi colored t-shirt with high waisted white jeans and casual shoes. You can also take a hand bag and sunglasses to look classier.

Cute clothing

To look cute you can wear a cute western dress with cute heels and also wear a headband and earrings. Though you go for school so you can take a cute and small school bag. All of these make you the prettiest and cutest girl.

Denim shirts with jeans

Denim shirts are one of most favourite casual school looks which will give you an incorporated effortless casual look. If you wear a denim shirt with black skinny jeans and sneakers it will give you the trendiest vibe.

Most classy dress up for winter season

There are several winter outfits for school students. A leather jacket is the best of all. Suppose you wear a plain white cropped top with a brown leather jacket and skinny jeans, you look just awesome. And of course skinny jeans and sneakers are always most comfortable wardrobe essentials.

Be a sporty girl

If you are in love with sports, school is the best place to show off your classy athletic looks. The sporty outfits suit on you if you are a sporty girl and the sporty vibes create a casual look which is still fashionable. Such as the combination of hoodie and white shoes with skinny jeans or tight leggings which gives you absolute sporty touch up.

Slouchy cardigans

Slouchy cardigans are one of most essential for school clothing. Any outfit becomes trendier when it includes beanie and ankle booties. And when it’s about school dress up then it must be simple and casual.

Flannel shirt

Flannel shirts are suits for school outfits. A flannel shirt with black jeans and short boots make you the coolest person in the school. And you look casual as well as stylish.

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If you are a student and after a long time will go to school and want to look attractive then you can choose any of those dresses and also don’t forget to wear a mask.





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