Will My Lash Lift Continue to Curl?

After a lash lift, your lashes won’t curl anymore. Once the procedure has been completed, the setting solution will fix the new shape. For the remainder of their lives, the lashes will remain in the same shape. Curled lashes in their growing phase may appear curlier, but this is an illusion.

What Makes Lashes Curl?

The curl is created by a chemical solution that is applied to the curved silicone pads known as shields.

The solution dissolves the protein bonds in the eyelashes, making them soft and flexible. The  Lash can be reshaped using the shield as a mold.

The solution will only work if it is on the lashes. The solution will curl lashes the longer it is left on. If the solution is left on for too long, lashes will become curlier. The curling will stop once the solution has been removed.

The next step is to apply a new chemical solution. The solution is applied to the lashes and hardens them, giving them a new shape. The lash shape will be fixed after 24 hours. This is the shape they will retain until they naturally fall out.

Be aware! Although your lashes will not become curlier after a lash lift, they may lose their lift and curl too quickly if you do not follow some simple aftercare rules.

The Lashes’ Life Cycle

Let’s take a closer look at the 3-phase cycle of lashes:

  • Phase 1: Anagen

This phase is when brand-new lashes are formed. They grow between 0.12 to 0.14mm per day.

  • Phase 2: Catagen

Once lashes reach their full length, their follicles begin to shrink.

  • Phase 3: Telogen

The lashes go through a resting phase, before falling out.

This post was written by Natali Roshau. Natali has over 10 years of experience as a lash artist and is the owner of Lash Addict Studio. Lash Addict Studio offers eyebrow waxing St Petersburg. In addition to being a lash artist, she also offers eyelash training certifying girls across the nation!





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